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Why I started Larae Dermatology Institute

Hi! I am Dr Chong Foo, a board-certified dermatologist, currently practicing medical dermatology in Eugene, Oregon. I have been treating patients with

 skin conditions for the past ten years, and around that patients make the best choices for their medical care when they are well informed about their skin condition and the treatment options available for them. 

The challenge is dermatologists do not always have the luxury of time to explain a medical condition in detail and the thought process that lead to a diagnosis. There also often limited time to review all the different treatment options available. We often have to hurry through the essential information to make an accurate diagnosis and offer what we think is the best recommendation in a short period of time. That leaves patients somewhat confused, and uncertain at times. That also means that patients may not implement and receive the full benefit of a treatment plan. I face this challenge as well in my practice due to the time pressure to take care of many patients in a fixed amount of time. This is because there are so many patients seeking dermatology care such that I am often scheduled out two months in advance, and that is with seeing between forty to sixty patients a day. 

This is why I decided to start Larae Dermatology Institute. I decided to teach online courses that cover the details of skincare, common skin conditions, how diagnoses are made, the treatment options, and how dermatologists determine severity of a person's condition in order to select the best treatment recommendation. While these courses do not represent a medical consultation and do not directly give any patient medical advice, I hope that the educational information found within these courses, will help you prepare for your visit with your local dermatologist. 


Dr Chong Foo was born and raised in Singapore. He completed medical school at the National University of Singapore. After medical school, he spent a year as an intern in internal medicine, general surgery and pediatrics. Following which, he two years serving as a medical officer in the Navy. Following his military service, Dr Foo decided to pursue medical training in the United States. He had initially wanted to be a cardiologist, and completed a 3-year Internal Medicine residency program at the University of Hawaii in preparation for his cardiology fellowship. However, he discovered and was intrigued by the specialty of dermatology and decided to become a dermatologist. He completed a 3-year Dermatology residency program at the University of Utah, and became a American board-certified dermatologist. 

Dr Foo has been practicing medical dermatology in Eugene, Oregon since 2013. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. He is married with five kids. During his free time, he enjoys spending time with his kids, traveling and helping parents who are in need. 





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